Interview Preparation

Employment agencies in West Sussex

Preparing for an interview is extremely important, it will install confidence in you and will also give an excellent first impression to the client.

Ensure that you have the interview details and familiarise yourself with the location to ensure you don't get lost.  Print a route map, times of public transport if necessary and where you intend to park if going by car.

Research the companies website and write down at least five key facts about the company, take a writing pad and pen and have these facts to hand. Don't reply on memory as interviews can be quite daunting so don't put extra pressure upon yourself.

Highlight areas of the job description to prompt yourself, when the client asks "what do you know about the position that you have applied for?" you have the facts in front of you

This will show the client that you have read the job description and have spent time in preparing and that you are interested the vacancy. Prepare at least five questions to ask when the appropriate time arrives in the interview, don't rely on your memory as there will be lots of things going though your mind.

If at the time when you are asked "What questions do you have for us?" the interview has been in depth and the client has answered all of your questions dont say you dont have any, turn your page showing the list if questions and dicuss one in detail or read through them showing the questions you would have asked had the interview not been as thorough.

Always accept a glass of water, take a sip when you need to glance at your notes or if you need a couple of seconds crucial thinking time.

First impression

Ensure you are smart and well groomed, wear conservative clothing, you want the client to remember you, not the cartoon tie that you were wearing!

Arrive no earlier that 10 minutes before the interview, familiarise yourself with the reception and note any recognitions of achievement presented to the company so you can comment whilst on the way to the interview room.

A firm handshake is imperative, practice if necessary with friends as this is a very important factor in creating a first impression given to the person interviewing you.

If you feel nervous whilst in reception try and keep calm and take deep breaths. Remember you have prepared yourself for this interview and have written down facts and questions to help you.